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Myofunctional Therapy Services

Full therapy program

From the comfort of your own home

Orofacial problems will be fully evaluated during the comprehensive evaluation. After baseline measurements and data are collected, an individualized treatment plan will be made depending on the age and specific issues of the patient. The full program is 12 sessions and they will occur once every 2 weeks and last approximately 45 minutes. We will start with muscle retraining exercises and build off of new skills each session. Also included- exercise tool kit, tips for improving sleep, body posture and muscle stretches for the face, jaw and neck.  Some cases are complex and will need more sessions. Up to 15 sessions are included- plus check in sessions following completion of the program. I want to see you get better and that can take time!

You will be responsible for practicing the exercises at least 2 times a day to see improvement. Let's get to the root of the problem and get started!

Using a Computer

Habit elimination

Help with stopping thumb sucking and/or pacifier use

This is a short and fun program that is reward system based. This is for children about 3-5 years old who need help with thumb and/or finger sucking, nail biting, pacifier use and other habits.  With a gentle approach, this is usually about a month long. Daytime and night time aides will be recommended, simple exercises will be taught and there will be weekly check in texts, calls and videos (as much support as possible).  

Older children typically need the full therapy program because orofacial dysfunctions have already occurred. 

* The child needs to be ready- if there have been recent major life stress or lifestyle disruption it is better to wait until things settle down.

Mother and Daughter Love

Kids Full Therapy Program

Address issues that are causing dysfunctions in your child

Kids are so much fun and so is the therapy program! There are laughs and lots of games with teaching exercises.  This program will give you and your child the tools to help develop a beautiful face and healthy airway. When kids snore it may seem cute but it is a warning sign that something has gone awry.  Addressing problems early is always best and gives your child the best chance possible for lifetime health. We will focus on the four goals of therapy and complete in about 4-6 months time. Sessions are 30-45 minutes depending on the ability of the child.  We will meet every 2 weeks. This program is best for kids aged 5-12. Parents and caregivers must be present for therapy sessions and make sure they practice 2 times a day (making games out of the exercises and having a reward system is highly effective).

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